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Top Breweries to Visit in Orange County

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Sample some incredibly refreshing and tasteful brews at these iconic breweries scattered across Orange County. Whether you're dropping in for a quick drink or want to indulge in a flavorful pint, you're sure to enjoy savoring each sip of the perfectly crafted beer; connoisseurs will be delighted by the sheer variety available at these establishments. Pair your choice of drink with some scrumptious finger food and you're all set for an unforgettable evening.

Green Cheek Beer Co - Costa Mesa

Green Cheek Beer Company is a local brewery offering a wide selection of expertly crafted beers boasting unique flavors. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, always eager to recommend a beer or offer their expert opinion. From hoppy IPAs to crisp lagers, there's something for every beer lover. In addition to its exceptional beer, the brewery also serves delicious food. The laid-back and inviting atmosphere of the taproom is perfect for a lazy afternoon spent sipping on a flavourful beer.

2957 Randolph Avenue, Unit B, Costa Mesa, CA, 美国, 92626
Green Cheek Beer Company

Established by Brian Rauso and Evan Price, Green Cheek Beer Company is one of Orange's leading breweries. A preferred spot of locals in Southern California, this taproom is famed for serving a superior selection of flavorsome beers, including lagers, stouts, West Coast IPAs, and Hazy IPAs. The interiors, the lighting, and the furniture all come together cohesively to breathe life into the area. A friendly and inviting space with a laidback vibe and tasty food, this brewery is great for groups or couples. Come here if you have been hankering for a robust and authentic glass of cold beer.

2294 North Batavia Street, Huntington Beach, CA, 美国, 92865
Green Cheek Beer Company

One of Orange's local breweries, Green Cheek Brewing Co., was established in 2017 by two friends and beer aficionados who wanted to create a variety of hop-forward brews. You and your friends may head over to this buzzing spot, which is teeming with people from all walks of life, coming for fantastic beverages, amazing cuisine, and good music. No matter what your taste preferences are, the beer selection at this bar is varied and interesting. The craft beer may be sampled here on tap or in bottles, and the tasting area is open with a view of the brewing machinery. This is the third site for Green Cheek Beer Company, and it's in Sunset Beach. It has an outside rooftop terrace where you can unwind and relish the food and beverage menu, which includes pub grill favorites and quick eats.

16685 East Pacific Coast Highway, Sunset Beach, Huntington Beach, CA, 美国, 90742

Enjoy the best crafted beer in Ontario anytime you are at Everywhere. This amazing brewery was started by a group of enthusiastic people who have a passion for brewing fine beer. Together they hold over 40 years of experience and this visibly reflects in all of their beautifully crafted beers. The establishment feels like a breath of fresh air and gives you the vibe of a place where you chill out with your friends. You can find IPA, Stouts and Seltzers on their tap ready to drink for you. So kick back and relax.

1501 West Orangewood Avenue, Suite 101, Orange, CA, 美国, 92868

Located in Laguna Hills, Orange County, GameCraft Brewing is a great place to host an event or simply hangout with your family and friends. Featuring a massive tasting room, patio and beer garden, it offers a wide range of beers with delicious pub fare like tacos, sandwiches, empanadas, and more. Visitors can enjoy different board, tabletop or video games while enjoying their food and drinks at this place. Weekly gaming events like the Board game Tuesday or Wednesday trivia nights are held here as well. Moreover, this wonderful venue can be hired for private events too. Visit this fun place for an amazing time with beer, food and games.

23301 Avenida De La Carlota, Laguna Hills, CA, 美国, 92653
Monkish Brewing

At Monkish Brewing, you can taste, relish and purchase a fine variety of beers. Established in 2012, this brewing company often receives mention for its craft and sour beers. While Monkish Brewing is mainly known for its Belgian beers, you can also order local and classic favorites. From beer bottles to cans, this place has you covered up.

336 South Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA, 美国, 92805
Brewery X

Brewery X on East La Palma Avenue in Anaheim quickly made a name for itself in the Southern California beer scene. Boasting a sleek and modern operation, this brewery offers an impressive lineup of beers made using only the finest ingredients. Their extensive beer menu includes everything from hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and refreshing lagers. In addition to its beer selection, Brewery X also offers a menu of delicious food that pairs perfectly with its brews, including mouthwatering burgers, pizzas, and more.

3191 East La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA, 美国, 92806
Radiant Beer Co.

Check out the amazing Radiant Beer Co. for great crafted beers in Anaheim. You can find their amazing crafted beers in three different tasting rooms, i.e. their indoor bar, outdoor patio and their Great Room Lounge. This laid-back place is great to come with your friends after a long day and catch up over a couple of beers. Their fantastic crafted beers range from hard seltzers to beer slushies, soft serve beer and more. The best part is that they keep the innovation going and you may always find something new under their tag of featured beer.

1566 West Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim, CA, 美国, 92801
Beachwood Brewing

An award-winning brewery, Beachwood Brewing is a must-visit for those who love beer. Here, you will be treated to innovative varieties of craft beer. This includes seasonal specials, unique flavors as well as delicious hand-crafted beer. You can pair your meal with delightful snacks like salads, pizza, or bar munchies like meatballs and smoked wings. Offerings on the menu are quite reasonable and well worth the money spent. Several events are often organized here so make sure to check out their social media handles before planning a visit.

12900 South Euclid Street, Steelcraft Garden Grove, Garden Grove, CA, 美国, 92840
Gunwhale Ales

Gunwhale Ales in Costa Mesa is a happening spot for innovative beers and a lively atmosphere. The taproom features outdoor seating and spacious indoor seating; it is both rustic and chic. From crisp and refreshing lagers to hoppy IPAs and complex barrel-aged brews, Gunwhale Ales offers a wide range of delicious beers that are sure to impress. The taproom is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious cold pint of beer and unwind.

2960 Randolph Ave, Costa Mesa, CA, 美国, 92626
Artifex Brewing Company

Located in the sun-shiny San Clemente, Artifex Brewing Company has splendidly imbued the town's spirit in their brewery. Replete with ample charm, friendly staff, and an upbeat atmosphere, it is the best place to indulge in a beer-tasting session or sit down with your beer of choice. Featuring a soothing setting with comfortable seating, this establishment comes highly recommended. With an incredible lineup of beers, This is an ale lovers' paradise with incredibly flavorful variants of IPAs, and other rich and light beers on draft or can are available. Spend a lazy afternoon here in good company with even better beer.

919 Calle Amanecer, Suite A, San Clemente, CA, 美国, 92673

布特莱格啤酒厂是奥兰治县首屈一指的小手艺啤酒厂之一,采用小批量啤酒酿造啤酒,从而在啤酒酿造过程中创造出令人难以置信的创造力,当然还有最终产品。在私人品酒室,啤酒爱好者可以品尝大部分(如果不是全部的话)自酿啤酒,不管是半品脱啤酒还是品脱啤酒,或者您都可以拿起瓶装啤酒,grow and和小桶。啤酒厂一年四季都有五款啤酒,分别是hefeweisen,淡啤酒,IPA,“黑凤凰”chipotle咖啡色啤酒和“Golden Chaos”比利时式金色啤酒。除了这些常规啤酒之外,全年还有另外13款季节性限量发布的啤酒,从薄荷巧克力搬运工和南瓜啤酒到棕色,双重IPA等等。

130 South Highland Avenue, Fullerton, CA, 美国, 92832
[["Green Cheek Beer Co - Costa Mesa","33.67870754","-117.88823084","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Costa Mesa, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/costa-mesa\/1433565-green-cheek-beer-co-costa-mesa"],["Green Cheek Beer Company","33.82563158","-117.86389181","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Huntington Beach, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/orange-county\/1433568-green-cheek-beer-company"],["Green Cheek Beer Company","33.71980500","-118.07302600","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Huntington Beach, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/huntington-beach-ca\/1433561-green-cheek-beer-company"],["Everywhere","33.79525400","-117.86815300","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Orange, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/ontario-ca\/1433560-everywhere"],["GameCraft\u917f\u9020","33.62423946","-117.71814947","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Laguna Hills, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/laguna-hills-ca\/1210603-gamecraft\u917f\u9020"],["Monkish Brewing","33.83276208","-117.91239735","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Anaheim, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/anaheim\/1433563-monkish-brewing"],["Brewery X","33.85291592","-117.85463730","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Anaheim, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/anaheim\/1433625-brewery-x"],["Radiant Beer Co.","33.83219800","-117.93652700","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Anaheim, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/anaheim\/1433624-radiant-beer-co"],["Beachwood Brewing","33.77535448","-117.93730357","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Garden Grove, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/garden-grove-ca\/1433626-beachwood-brewing"],["Gunwhale Ales","33.67891506","-117.88747144","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Costa Mesa, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/costa-mesa\/1211593-gunwhale-ales"],["Artifex Brewing Company","33.44901549","-117.60593780","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","San Clemente, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/san-clemente-ca\/1211324-artifex-brewing-company"],["\u5e03\u7279\u83b1\u683c\u5564\u9152\u54c1\u9152\u5ba4","33.86963920","-117.92851490","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/assets\/images\/google_markers\/dark_blue_circle.png","","","Fullerton, CA, \u7f8e\u56fd","https:\/\/cityseeker.com\/zh\/fullerton-ca\/795746-\u5e03\u7279\u83b1\u683c\u5564\u9152\u54c1\u9152\u5ba4"]]
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