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Idyllic American Towns Featured in Movies

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Discover picturesque American towns that have become iconic backdrops in beloved films. From charming main streets to breathtaking natural landscapes, these idyllic destinations have captivated audiences with their timeless beauty. Immerse yourself in the cinematic allure as you explore the very locations that have brought stories to life on the silver screen.



Punxsutawney, Punxsutawney, PA, 美国, 15767

A stunning picture of coastal beauty on the Bodega Harbor, Bodega Bay is a destination for travelers of all stripes. From plenty of avenues for outdoor exploration that include whale watching on the Sonoma Coast, kayaking across the bay and horseback riding, to visiting art galleries, local shops and dining on fresh seafood, Bodega Bay has a lot to offer. Interestingly, Bodega Bay is also famous for its church and schoolhouse—two landmarks that notably featured as the central setting for Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds (1963).

Bodega Bay, Bodega Bay, CA, 美国, 94923

Located on the picturesque banks of the Columbia River, Astoria is a charming little city steeped in history and culture. Home to Victorian-style houses surrounded by verdant forests, Astoria resembles a quaint Scandinavian town. Experience an idyllic getaway in the town as you explore its lively locales and historic landmarks such as The Astoria Column, Fort Astoria, and Liberty Theater. Blessed with a scenic coastline and lush greenery, it also offers opportunities for paragliding, hiking, and fishing.

Astoria, Astoria, OR, 美国, 97103

Cradled in the embrace of the towering San Juan Mountains, Creede exudes a quaint charm, its picturesque expanse stippled with longstanding landmarks and historic houses that serve as a testament to its past. Nature and history coexist here, with narrow lanes winding along time-honored establishments even as rugged cliffs loom over their surroundings and attest to the region's natural splendor. While the Creede Historical Society Museum offers an insight into the town's history, the Creede Underground Mining Museum is a veritable treasure trove of mining culture. Several restaurants will regale you with local fare, while souvenir stores will entice you with traditional trinkets and memorabilia. Other attractions to explore in the vicinity include the Wheeler Geologic Area and the Last Chance Mine.

Creede, Creede, CO, 美国

Fairhope is a charming town located on the Gulf Coast in Alabama. A mélange of art, culture, history and nature, the city has something in store for everyone. The Fairhope Museum Of History, located in the former town hall, narrates Fairhope's intriguing history, making for a delightful destination for history buffs. The Marietta Johnson Museum finds home in the historic schoolhouse building and displays many exhibits like books, old literature, and more. The Fairhope Municipal Pier is another charming attraction offering scenic views of the waterside along with fishing opportunities. With plenty of annual festivals, charming restaurants, and cozy accommodations, Fairhope is an ideal weekend getaway in the state.

Fairhope, Fairhope, AL, 美国

在奥运半岛的西北角,这个城市提供了令人愉快的景色和迷人的历史。一个长达一个赛季的中心夏季艺术节使得夏季成为一个特别受欢迎的时刻,但是初秋的木船节将海洋爱好者带到了一起。全年开放的公园包括历史悠久的Fort Worden堡垒和可爱的Chetzemoka公园。沃尔登堡的黑莓餐厅提供了不起的当地美食。 Ann Starrett Mansion酒店和F.W. Hastings House Old Consulate Inn酒店提供优质的住宿。建筑爱好者享受家庭旅游,市中心区提供了一流的购物和娱乐。带上大量的电影。

Port Townsend, Port Townsend, WA, 美国, 98368


Park City, 帕克城, UT, 美国

Rachel is a tiny town in Nevada's Sand Spring Valley. Owing to its proximity to Area 51 and the Nellis Air Force Range, Rachel has earned popularity as "The UFO Capital of the World." The town prides itself in being located on the famous Extraterrestrial Highway and attracts enthusiastic UFO hunters from all over the world. Visitors to the town can soak in its mysterious atmosphere and take a walk through the streets riddled with alien theories and UFO sightings. The only standing local business in Rachel is the Little A'Le'Inn, an alien-themed bar.

Rachel, Rachel, NV, 美国, 89001

Nestled amid the rolling plains of Worcester County, Berlin is hailed for its unassuming charm and laidback atmosphere, nevertheless equipping visitors with plenty of opportunities for exploration. At every interval, historic homes and buildings adhering to period designs greet tourists, inviting contemplative perusals and a more comprehensive understanding of Berlin's history and heritage. While its residential and commercial areas highlight its architectural legacy, Berlin's Main Street is a vibrant nod to its culture. Strolling along this bustling avenue makes for an invigorating excursion, with vintage storefronts, friendly eateries, and impressive art galleries encouraging visitors to pause and simply soak in the essence of the town. Additionally, Berlin's proximity to Assateague State Park renders it a favorite with outdoor lovers.

Berlin, Berlin, MD, 美国, 21811

埃德加敦建于1642年,是岛上第一个殖民定居点。到19世纪中叶,这个城镇被人均排列为全国最富有的社区之一。在此期间,捕鲸和商船长建造了美丽的希腊复兴的家园,仍然可以在整个城镇找到。 Edgartown继续保持与许多豪华旅馆,精品店和餐馆的优雅。这也是一个美丽的岛屿小镇,附近有几个海滩和野生动物保护区。

Edgartown, Edgartown, MA, 美国, 02539

特柳赖德(Telluride)是科罗拉多州的一座山丘小镇,位于风景如画的圣胡安山脉(San Juan Mountains)的底部,坐落在迷人的冰川峡谷中。曾经是遥远的矿区,现在是滑雪者,第二个房主,艺术家和名人的热门目的地。特柳赖德拥有各种景点,包括特柳赖德滑雪高尔夫度假村,熊溪瀑布,圣胡安高架道和历史公路,特柳赖德艺术区和特柳赖德历史博物馆。这个宁静的山镇也是一个购物天堂,维多利亚时代的街道上散布着高档精品店和高级餐厅。特柳赖德被称为节日之城,因为你一定会碰到一些有趣的事情,每个周末都会发生。

Telluride, Telluride, CO, 美国, 81435

Renowned for its historic charm and irresistible small-town atmosphere, Jamestown entices visitors with a wide range of experiences amid its idyllic environs. Surrounded by the pristine waters of the harbor and Narragansett Bay, this scenic destination offers much in the way of historical grandeur and natural splendor. Its expanse is stippled with a plethora of longstanding sites that serve as a testament to its past, such as the Conanicut Battery, Watson Farm, and the area's archaeological districts, while attractions such as the Beavertail State Park provide a glimpse at the town's natural heritage. Another prominent landmark is the impressive Beavertail Lighthouse, which continues to serve as a navigational beacon. Visitors can also drop in at any of the friendly eateries scattered across the town to sample some delectable local fare during their excursions around Jamestown.

Jamestown, Jamestown, RI, 美国, 02835
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